Winter Jewelry Wonderland

1/9/2015 10:59 AM

Recently we had the privilege of seeing our jewelry grace the lovely Elena Shturman for a photo shoot with the talented Kate Fomina.  Our blue zircon absolutely glowed against this winter wonderland of falling snowflakes and lush fur!  Hair and makeup by Irina Yalcin added the perfect touch of glamor for this classic shot, reminiscent of old Hollywood!


Blue zircon is a wonderfully versatile gem, great for summer beach weather but also a vibrant pop of color for the winter.  Like frozen fractals the depth of our earrings add a sense of mystery to any outfit, especially when wreathed in white diamonds!  Nothing says ‘Ice Queen’ like diamonds but instead of freezing over, these blue beauties warm our heart! 


No look could truly be complete without a matching ring and our blue zircon is both feminine and fierce!  White gold teeth hold the luscious zircon in place and make for just the right amount of contrast against a soft fur stole.  Its subtle yet undeniable beauty compliments the mystery and natural grace of Elena!


Not only is zircon a lovely gem to behold but it is also a wonderful companion, especially for social gatherings.  Believed to have calming and strengthening properties, zircon will help you keep a clear head and enjoy yourself!  With its classic elegance, zircon is ready to join any ensemble and be the pop of color you’re looking for!

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