Our philosophy of “no compromise” applies to every aspect of our business, from inspiration, to design, to production and finishing.

Each peace made by Yael Designs is crafted and designed by the most talented and skillful artisans in the industry. We are determined to provide our customers with the finest crafted and designed jewelry, that will last for generations.

Labyrinth pendant collection is inspired by Gothic and Victorian architecture in San Francisco. One foggy afternoon Yehouda Sakhetkou was driving along the Van Ness avenue visiting a client, when an intricate window design sparked his interest, as rays of sun broke through the thick fog and danced illuminating the rose window. The intricate symmetry and organic elegance of the window fueled Yehouda’s imagination for weeks, before a complete vision solidified into a concept drawing. From drawing to model, a daydream was realized in a brand new Labyrinth Collection.

Grandeouse but ethereal, complex but elegant, overlapping arches like rose petals fused with geometric patterns, wearable works of art embodying true nature of a modern woman.

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