Let us make custom designed jewelry process stress-free and profitable for you.

We will worry about gemstone sourcing and setting; final piece casting an finishing. We will provide you with an accurate estimate and hand-drawn rendering of the finished piece. This way you can focus on providing the best customer service to your customer and let us do the legwork.

Your customers will be enthralled with the entire process of creating their own fine jewelry piece, from inspiration to concept to renderings - and they will never forget the day they see the finished product. 1. Yael Designs renders your customer's idea with 3-4 samples - 24-48 hrs 2. Customer approves rendering and Yael Designs provides an estimate - 24-48 hrs 3. The piece is manufactured and delivered - 5-8 weeks.

Because we have long standing relationships with multiple gem dealers and manufacturing facilities, we can provide competitive pricing that fits your customer's budget and leaves plenty of room for profit.

Yael Designs is a superior choice for all of your custom design needs,

as our flawless quality, imaginative designs and excellent customer service are delivered at a competitive price, leading to a higher profit margin for you and a lower cost to your customer.We use the latest manufacturing techniques, superior finishing and intricate handcrafting, resulting in heirloom quality jewelry. We only use the highest quality metals, including 18k gold, 950 platinum, and gems of superior cut, proportion, color and brilliance. Our jewelry contains only G color VS clarity melee diamonds. Our high-precision casting models are solidly constructed to ensure lasting quality and no porosity. Here at Yael Designs, we take pride in providing great customer service. Each of our orders is fulfilled on time, and we are always available to answer your and your customers' questions. We also provide precise estimates and accurate hand renderings at the time of ordering, so that there are no surprises.We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our jewelry. Yael Designs offers a free 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects on all of our fine jewelry. If you experience a defect with your jewelry due to manufacturing, we recommend you to contact us we may evaluate the piece. If the merchandise is damaged due to a manufacturer defect, Yael Designs will repair or replace the item without charge. Because we use multiple manufacturing facilities to produce our jewelry, we are able to provide competitive pricing.


Don't take our word for it. See what our customers have to say about working with us.

I am proud to have been working with Yehouda, and Yael Designs for several years. His award-winning designs, are not only some of the most innovative in the jewelry industry, but they exhibit exceptional craftsmanship. I totally trust his entire staff with my most discerning clients. I have never been disappointed with any of the fantastic creations he has made for Bradley Gough Diamonds.

- Brad Gough, President & CEO, Bradley & Gough Diamonds, Indiana

I've been working with Yael Designs for several years to design and mount all my best gemstones and the large valuable diamonds. I can give them a budget for the design and leave the design and details to them. I'm always pleased with the result. Other times I give them a gem and ask for a design and get a sketch to show my customers. In addition to that he stands behind his word.

- John Laughter, President & CEO, John Laughter Jewelry, North Carolina

We are always in search of new cutting-edge custom design work and have experienced just that with Yael Designs. Whenever we look for something different and treandy, we choose Yael Designs.

- Steve Weintraub, President & CEO, Gold & Diamond Source, Florida

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