Toi & Moi Fire Opal, Turquoise and Diamond Bangle

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The Toi & Moi collection is about how beautiful it can be when two people with different personalities can be together, while still keeping their individuality. Colors are like personalities. By themselves, they have one look, but pair them with another color and they acquire a new meaning. This Toi & Moi bangle features a rose cut Mexican fire opal paired with an oval  cut turquoise, both accented with a halo of diamonds and set in 18kt rose gold.

  • 18kt Rose Gold
  • Oval Turquoise 2.31ct
  • Oval Fire Opal 3.11ct
  • White Round Diamonds 0.44ct

*Price is subject to availability and based on 2.31ct turquoise and a 3.11ct fire opal.

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