Pantone 2015 Top Colors

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for!  What will be the Pantone color of the year for 2015?  Well wonder no longer because the color has been announced and it is the beautiful Marsala!  This rich, deep bodied color is a fantastic addition to the line of Pantone colors. And it is the perfect color to style with!  Not only are we loving the Marsala but its accompanying colors make us anxious for Spring!

rubelite ring

Our gorgeous rubelite ring with rose gold and diamonds mirrors the warmth and richness of marsala.  This color has us dreaming of berries, cozy evenings with loved ones, and all around classic fun!  The cabochon gem in our ring is sensual and flirty making it the perfect addition to any outfit!

Aquamarine Ring


The Spring color from Pantone is aquamarine and we are just in love!  If you’re looking for a ring that features an aquamarine and swirls of diamonds then look no further! Our dazzling ring has all the serenity of the aquamarine with an added bit of frosty attitude with white diamond set in white gold.  One of our favorite pieces this ring has an exotic motif which evokes feelings of mystery and potential.  The perfect mindset for spring when anything is possible!

tourmaline and pearl earrings


For a seaside getaway try our Paraiba tourmaline and pearl earrings for a natural feel!  Like sea glass this piece reminds us of the glint of sunlight on water.  Vibrant green tourmalines crash against stunning pearls likes waves on a beach.  Wild beauty can be invoked with these earrings like the endless joy of spring fun.  Perfect to pair with a more casual outfit or to be the centerpiece of a chic ensemble these beauties know no limits!

18k white gold ring featuring 9.32 carat blue zircon, accented with 0.42 carats of ideal cut diamonds


Feeling playful?  Then this blue zircon ring is the perfect fit!  Glamorous bands of white diamonds undulate across a gem whose clarity is worthy of renown!  This incredible blue hue is a symbol of the life and energy of spring but makes a great addition to any winter ensemble with its depth and mystery.  A must for any flirt!

lyra color gems collections


This feisty aquamarine ring from our Lyra collection will have all your friends oohing and aahing when they see it!  A splash of white diamonds is better than a splash of champagne and who could say no to such a breathtaking gem!  The light of a blue spring sky shifts in and out of this beauty’s depths as her fine craftsmanship intended.  With this ring on your finger what more could you want?

fire opal pendant


For a simple yet elegant look try our fire opal pendant and be amazed!  This pendant reflects the light of joy and young love while being a subtle reminder of the elegance of true freedom. Its fiery depths are reminiscent of the heat of a spring afternoon! Perfect for the spring but also an amazing addition to any warm winter outfit this pendant will have others gasping at its effortless beauty.

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