Cinderella's Favorite Jewels

In celebration of the latest Cinderella movie we’re featuring some of our most princess worth pieces! These tanzanite and blue sapphire gems are some of our favorites and we’re sure that Cinderella herself would love them too! We all need a little bit of magic now and then and that’s what fairytales are all about! Which piece will you wear when the clock strikes midnight?


Our tanzanite and diamond ring from the Pacifica collection blends elegant white gold with regal yellow gold for a look worth of any kingdom. Tanzanite is a soothing gem, evoking images of tranquility, and this ring is a wonderful example! The deep blue gem draws us into a world of fantasy fit for a princess!


This sapphire and diamond ring reminds us of Cinderella’s iconic gown! A bright blue sapphire wreathed by glamorous diamonds has us dreaming of our Prince Charming too! A ring like this just begs to be worn dancing through a fairytale garden! Blue sapphire is such a versatile stone, effervescent yet it displays a strength of character unlike any other!


Blue sapphire can be bright and vibrant or deep and lush. This ring features feminine white diamonds that evoke a floral motif around a dazzling sapphire! Cinderella may miss her glass slipper but we would be heartbroken to lose such a gorgeous ring. Midnight blue sapphires create a sense of mystery and romance and this ring is no different!


No princess is complete without stunning earrings! Our blue sapphire and white diamond pieces complement any outfit with grace and beauty. We firmly believe there can be no such thing as too many diamonds and these earrings take advantage of their clear beauty! Blue and white are a magnificent combination and the diamonds bring out the depth of elegance of these blue sapphires!


There is a ring for everyone and this blue sapphire and white diamond ring is the perfect choice for the active princess! A more subtle sense of beauty emanates from this piece and we think this is perfect engagement ring for Cinderella! Colored gems are a great new engagement trend and sapphire is a wonderful choice, especially when it is as clear and vibrant as our ring!


Finally our tanzanite and diamond pendant is a must for any Cinderella fan! The depth of hue in this 22.49 carat tanzanite is astounding and white diamonds add to its brilliance! A sleek design makes for a dazzling piece, blending the natural beauty of the gems with expert craftsmanship. Romance is the key word for these pieces!

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