Thank you for the Love!

We're taking a quick break from our History of Pearls, Cultured Pearl segment to say thank you for  all the accolades that have been given to our designs recently. We think our designs are beautiful and are honored that other people think so as well!


Best of the best

Thank you JCK Jeweler's Choice Awards 2016 for recognizing so many of our lovely pieces of jewelry. We took first place in Tanzanite Jewelry over $10,000; and were finalists in Colored Diamond Jewelry over $10,000, Tanzanite Jewelry under $10,000, and Best Ring Design over $10,000. You can find the online booklet detailing all the winners and finalists here:



Forbes articlekaterina Perez

Both Anthony DeMarco and Katerina Perez found pieces to love at our booth during the JCK Luxury show. Katerina fell in love with our fabulous opal and spinel bracelet: . And Anthony couldn't help but remark upon our impressive moonstone ring with shoulders studded with bright pink spinels:



fall collections writer Lorraine DePasque found some new favorites for her article on 6 New Fall Jewelry Collections. The Lava Collection melted her heart with its fiery good looks and one-of-a-kind styles. And the delicate beauty of Darina, with its pink diamonds and mix of colors of gold won her over.


nontraditional engagement

Diamond Pulse author Diana Jarrett felt our designs were the best for illustrating her point of view: That engagement rings are beautiful and on trend even when not traditional:


Glamour magazine

And Glamour included a couple of our engagement rings in their article, 35 Gorgeous Engagement Rings Inspired by Your Favorite Celebrity Sparkler : a stunner of a yellow diamond ring surrounded by a square halo of diamonds and candy pink sapphire glowing with diamonds.


Traditional Engagement

About Style gave us a nod by including one of our lovely rose gold engagement rings from the Novelique Collection:


Colombian Emerald

And an additional small accolade to be proud of: Jewellery Business used one of our beautiful and intensely green emerald rings as the piece of jewelry to represent the very important First International Emerald Symposium. Definitely a feather in our cap!

There were too many recognitions of our designs to list. To all the above as well as to the many I could not include for space, Thank you!

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