Vibrant color and bold organic shapes are among the top jewelry trends of 2017. The modern woman desires distinct, wearable jewelry that reflects her uniqueness and is suitable for her active lifestyle. White opal in particular has gained a lot of traction for its bold color and shapes.
Whats Your Color - Fine Ethiopian Fiery White Opal and Diamond Rings - Yael Designs, makers of unique and custom jewelry
Yael Designs' white opal collection features top-quality Ethiopian opals meticulously cut in organic shapes that are fresh and engaging. Each one-of-a-kind piece is striking; showing off brilliant colors in simple and wearable designs. White opals are a rising trend that have already proven to be very popular. MSRP starts in the $3,000 range.
Opal Look Book featuring exceptional fine Ethiopian white opal jewelry by Yael Designs - specializing in unique and custom designs
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